Housing near MADRID

This completely custom designed home was designed and built for a family of four.  An exceptional size and spacious being a second residence house.

In principle, the house was designed for a second home but with all the comforts and illusion of a first home.

A modern house whith a rustic design on his façade

The design took into account the demanding  aesthetic regulations of the population of  El Espinar, in Segovia, a beautiful town with special aesthetic protection of its buildings, but preserving the essence and integrating the functionality of a modern design house.

The idea of aesthetics in façade, exterior slate and the oxidation of some concrete panels gave with that touch of distinction that makes it a unique house.

The design was proposed by the clients who practically had the whole idea developed as good engineers that they are. These ideas together with Modular Home could be complemented with the optimization of our construction system and with the choice of materials that arose in a natural and fluid way.

Inside polished concrete floors

Inside the concrete on the floor and the wood in some vertical cloths humanize a house with a clearly brutalist aesthetic sense but full of details and together with our clients we were able to reach an excellent final result.

Floors: 2 / Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 3 / 155 m² 
PRICE: From 300,000 EUROS

We build these home models in the location in Spain that interests you the most. Therefore, the land price will vary depending on the area. Changes to the design can be made according to your preferences and needs. We recommend contacting us to discuss your budget and requirements, allowing us to tailor the home’s features. The price will vary based on these factors.

Construction timeline: For prefabricated homes, construction takes between 5 and 7 months from obtaining the Building Permit, while traditional construction typically requires approximately 1 year and 2 months from obtaining the Building Permit.»



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