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Welcome to Spanish Opportunity, the premier Spanish real estate agency specializing in comprehensive management services for foreigners looking to acquire properties within Spanish territory. We offer an all-encompassing approach, guiding you from the initial desire to own property in Spain to maximizing its profitability and facilitating the attainment of Spanish residency, all in full compliance with current Spanish immigration laws.



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Golden VISA

If you have money to invest, don’t want to go through tedious paperwork and would like to live and work in Europe, the Golden Visa Program may be one of the best options for you.


This process consist in a review and verification of all the documentation of the property in the registry, as well as the validity of those papers.                               


We create a tailored plan to optimize property profitability through rental income, providing you with a steady stream of revenue.                                                   

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Spanish Opportunity is a company with extensive experience in the Spanish real estate market, offering a comprehensive service to foreign investors. We specialize in providing foreigners with the opportunity to start a new life in Spain by assisting them in the acquisition of property as an investment, and subsequently obtaining the necessary visas in accordance with Spanish law to enable them to visit or reside in Spain, a gateway to the rest of the European Union.



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