MIRÓ House

Casa Miró is a modular house inspired by the great artist Joan Miró. One of the most inspiring and important geniuses in the world. His art was mainly based on creating his own style, manifesting a tendency whose object was to attract the attention of the public.

This is achieved by this model of prefabricated housing designed to be versatile, exciting to attract any look, in order to be an independent home or pair before any urban complexity. Its ground floor is open and spacious, and its upper floor tidy and functional. The living room is the heart of this house, with double height windows that make it a bright and elegant space.

This property is available in Essential, Blue or Green qualities, choose the best option depending on your needs.

  • Living room-dining room: 77.90m²
  • kitchen: 48.37m²
  • Bedroom 1: 11.74m²
  • Bedroom 2: 7.60m²
  • Bedroom 3: 16.20m²
  • Bedroom 4: 13.84m²
  • Bathroom 1: 5.35m²
  • Bathroom 2: 7.80m²
  • Bathroom 3: 6.00m²
  • Pergola: 18.78m²

Floors: 2 / Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 3 / 215 m² 

PRICE: From 400,000 EUROS

We build these home models in the location in Spain that interests you the most. Therefore, the land price will vary depending on the area. Changes to the design can be made according to your preferences and needs. We recommend contacting us to discuss your budget and requirements, allowing us to tailor the home’s features. The price will vary based on these factors.

Construction timeline: For prefabricated homes, construction takes between 5 and 7 months from obtaining the Building Permit, while traditional construction typically requires approximately 1 year and 2 months from obtaining the Building Permit.»


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