Custom Housing in MADRID.

When our clients asked us if it was possible to make a house on a plot with a slope of almost 15 meters, we smiled and asked them: «Would you like to have those views, wouldn’t you?» Of course!».

The tranquility took over Syll because they loved the plot they had found, located on that wonderful golf course: tranquility, security, the excellent location and communications, the area, fit everything.

Custom housing, spacious and well organized spaces.

Once the first problem was overcome, which was the choice of a good plot, we started working together with the architect in charge of the design Alberto Blasco Lafón, a tireless worker with a very marked aesthetic and functional sense in all his projects.

The house raised on two floors would be for only three inhabitants and the idea of spacious and organized spaces would be the fundamental premises, regardless of adapting it to the demanding regulations of the place of installation and the good taste of our customers who took care of even the smallest detail.

As a result a house with a large double height living room with a suspended fireplace that crowns the space, kitchen linked to living room but independent with connection to large porches shared with the living room, to enjoy the outside accompanied by wonderful views, in addition to the independence of the 3 bedrooms on the ground floor with 3 bathrooms linked plus the basement floor for recreational activities and guests,  Garage and storage area, definitely a custom house made for people today.

Floors: 2 / Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 4 / 293 m² 

PRICE: From 510,000 EUROS

We build these home models in the location in Spain that interests you the most. Therefore, the land price will vary depending on the area. Changes to the design can be made according to your preferences and needs. We recommend contacting us to discuss your budget and requirements, allowing us to tailor the home’s features. The price will vary based on these factors.

Construction timeline: For prefabricated homes, construction takes between 5 and 7 months from obtaining the Building Permit, while traditional construction typically requires approximately 1 year and 2 months from obtaining the Building Permit.»


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